Tourism Projects

MarassiNorth coast - Egypt

Lead Consultant : K&A Designs


Pillars Egypt acts as a structural sub-consultant providing structural design services in all design stages including cost estimates and alternatives evaluation and tender evaluation process.

The latest projects are separate villas and twin-houses and a civic center which includes parking building , retail shops and entertainment facilities ,landscape structures like retaining walls , swimming pools etc…




Lead Consultant : Mimar Egypt


Ghanim Al Hudhaifi Resort in Nouakchott –Mauritania is the first of the kind in the country on a land area of 25,000 m2 with 20% built up area.

The elements of the project include typical villas with different categories and a five stars hotel, club house , ball room , Masjid and commercial building.

Pillars Egypt provided full structural engineering services  using BIM technology using Revit .

The project include concrete structures , steel structures and the elements vary from simple system to large span concrete frames and steel trusses.

Duration of the project was 3 months.